Property and Legal Affairs Department

Vojislav Lazarević - Assistant Minister

Tel: +381 11 765 2201
+381 11 765 2202

Property and Legal Affairs Department performs normative, research and analytical, administrative and administrative-supervisory tasks related to: property-legal relations and other property law relations, except for the preparation of regulations, second-instance proceedings in cases of expropriation, self-occupation of land in state and social ownership, construction land, nationalization, consolidation, agrarian reform, colonization, deed, returning of rural areas and pastures to villages for use, return of property to agricultural cooperatives, over building and conversion of common rooms into apartments; monitoring of their implementation, second-instance proceedings on appeals against first-instance decisions issued by municipal commissions for the return of land confiscated on the basis of the agricultural land fund and by confiscation due to non-fulfilled obligations from the mandatory purchase of agricultural products; second-instance proceedings on appeals against first-instance decisions on the return of confiscated property and compensation; preparation of contracts on the purchase of apartments owned by the Republic of Serbia, concluded on the basis of the Government's decision, apartments owned by legal entities from the territory of the former republics of the SFRY and apartments of the former FRY, conclusion of contracts on the assignment of contracts on the apartment purchase, implementation of changes to the registration of apartments that were the subject of purchase in the public records of immovable properties and rights to them, performing administrative supervision over the work of municipal administrative bodies and other organizations regarding the implementation of regulations in the property-legal field, providing opinions for the implementation of regulations in this area, providing expert assistance to municipal administrative bodies, providing expert instructions and guidelines for their work, providing expert opinions to citizens, legal entities and other organizations; preparation of information to the Government on the existing situation and proposing measures; protection of assets of the Republic of Serbia abroad, implementation of alimony claims abroad and implementation of the Agreement on Succession Issues; providing legal assistance regarding foreign nationalized property compensated under the international agreements; participation in the processes related to professional development of civil servants in the Sector.

The tasks are performed within the following smaller internal units of the Property and Legal Affairs:

1. Normative, Research and Analytical Tasks Group
2. Administrative Procedure Division
3. Housing Affairs Group
4. Administrative and Supervisory Affairs Group
5. Asset Protection and International Implementation of Alimony Claims Group
6. Restitution Unit


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