Department for Fiscal Risks Monitoring

Sanja Putnik - Acting Assistant Minister

Tel: +381 11 765 2292

Department for Fiscal Risks Monitoring performs research and analytical work related to: preparation and creation of Fiscal Risk Reports, performs professional tasks related to: analysis of fiscal risks arising from the operations of the republic public enterprises, companies that perform activities of general interest and other state enterprises, through annual business programs, development programs, quarterly business reports, financial reports, audit reports; preparation of analyses related to the operations of public companies and their impact on macroeconomic stability, economic growth and public finances; participation in drafting laws and proposals for other regulations related to public companies; periodic preparation of reports on the operations of public enterprises in accordance with the assumed obligations towards international financial institutions; cooperation in the preparation of sections for the fiscal strategy for the next mid-term period; periodic monitoring of the status and trends of obligations covered by state guarantees, in cooperation with the Public Debt Administration; monitoring and analysis of the main risks related to the financial sector in Serbia, especially risks related to the size and future trends of potential (contingent) liabilities of the financial sector (risks related to the operations of state banks, the situation and trends of non-performing loans, etc.); analysis of risk factors that affect tax and non-tax budget revenues (e.g. the influence of the grey economy); analysis of risks related to local self-government budgets and public-private partnerships; further development and improvement of the Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance Program, as well as accompanying activities from the Action Plan in cooperation with the Public Investment Management Office; risk analysis related to the consequences of natural disasters and their financial effects on the national and local self-government budgets; risk analysis related to other potential liabilities not previously mentioned (court disputes, etc.); periodic preparation of reports on existing and potential fiscal risks; provision of necessary information for the preparation of strategic documents of the Government (ERP, ESRP, PFM, etc.); cooperation and coordination with other ministries, institutions, state administration bodies, public and other enterprises where the state appears as a (co)owner, as well as with internal units within the Ministry of Finance.

The tasks are performed within the following smaller internal units of the Department for Fiscal Risks Monitoring:

1. Public Sector Operations Fiscal Risk Monitoring Group
2. Other Fiscal Risk Monitoring Group
3. Capital projects Evaluation and Monitoring Group


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