Budget Inspection Department

Ana Tešić – Assistant Minister

Tel: +381 11 765 2233

Budget Inspection Department performs the tasks related to: inspection supervision of the implementation of laws and accompanying regulations in the field of material and financial operations and the intended and legal use of funds by supervised entities; undertaking the measures prescribed by law in all cases where the existence of illegality is determined by inspection; initiation of appropriate amendments to laws and by-laws regulating the area of inspection supervision based on identified weaknesses in their implementation; preparation of the annual work plan, which is the basis for the implementation of the inspection supervision function, as well as the monitoring of its implementation; preparation of the annual report on the work of the budget inspection; cooperation with other regulatory authorities, as well as investigation and justice authorities; preparation of reports and analysis for the purpose of the inspection supervision coordination commission; keeping all necessary records about the budget inspection functioning; creating files on the performed inspections; analysis of illegalities, i.e. irregularities pointed out in reports, applications, objections and requests on the basis of which the risk assessment is carried out; preparation of reports on the inspection results including findings and measures, participation in the implementation of projects related to negotiation chapters in the process of European Union accession negotiations, as well as other tasks within the scope and competence of the Department; participation in processes related to the professional development of civil servants in the Department. 

The tasks are performed within the following smaller internal units of the Budget Inspection Department: 

1. Budget Inspection Division
Budget Inspector Coordination Unit
Inspection Supervision Group Belgrade
Inspection Supervision Group Novi Sad
Inspection Supervision Group Kragujevac
Inspection Supervision Group Niš
Inspection Supervision Group at the request of the prosecution and supervision over the execution of public procurement contracts
2. Applications, Risk Assessment and Management, Preparation of the Annual Supervision Plan and Administrative Support and Supervision Reporting Unit
3. Group for Normative and Research and Analytical Tasks 


The Secretariat

Macroeconomic and Fiscal Projections and Analyses Department

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