Department for Digitalization in Field of Finance

Sonja Talijan - Assistant Minister

Tel: +381 11 765 2421 

Department for Digitalization in Field of Finance performs tasks related to: implementation of projects related to information systems, both from the aspect of management of strategic projects by the Ministry, and the aspect of monitoring other projects in the Ministry and its administrative bodies; cooperation with other sectors of the Ministry, with an emphasis on collecting data from other sectors for the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing plans and projects with program, sectoral and Ministry priorities; cooperation with other state administration bodies, primarily with the Office for IT and e-Government in terms of harmonizing plans with priorities, both program and sectoral, and the Ministry ones; planning, analysis, implementation and testing, as well as quality control of software systems during project implementation; coordination during software systems commissioning and monitoring of the functional operability and correctness of the system, as well as monitoring of the functioning of services, systems and registers, along with the control of compliance with security procedures, in accordance with regulations; collection of data on the user needs, in addition to the planning of the necessary means and resources with the aim of adequate maintenance and improvement of information systems within the competence of the Ministry; recognition of the need to optimize and improve the performance of production systems and coordination when solving ongoing operation problems; data access control, coordination during debugging, installation and launch of new software functionalities, availability of communication infrastructure and system load monitoring, as well as system utilization analysis; coordination and control of the post-implementation phase of projects, in terms of managing systems and registers to ensure efficient and effective operation; preparation of legal acts in the field of electronic invoices and other information systems and registers within the competence of the Ministry from the aspect of information technology, as well as participation in working groups for the preparation of regulations, and preparation of project-technical documentation, brochures, instructions and other educational materials; participation in processes related to the professional development of civil servants in the Sector.

The tasks are performed within the following smaller internal units of the Department for Digitalization in Field of Finance:

1. Project Management Group
2. Group for Coordination of the Ministry and Administrative Bodies in the Field of Digitization
3. Electronic Invoice System Management Group.


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