Games of Chance Administration

Zoran Gašić, Director

Competencies of Administration:

  • determines the proposal of the catalog on types of games of chance, which is issued by the Minister of Finance;
  • gives and revokes approvals, i.e. consents for organizing games of chance in accordance with this Law;
  • determines the amount of fees for which it gives approvals and consents;
  • supervises the application of the provisions of laws and other regulations in the field of games of chance, as well as controls the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing in the field of games of chance;
  • assesses the value of the prize fund for organizing prize games in goods and services;
  • appoints its representative in the commission for drawing winnings in classic games of chance when the drawing of winnings is performed in a live TV broadcast;
  • participates in the preparation of regulations within its competence;
  • keeps records and registers of activities within its competence;
  • plans and implements employee training;
  • provides publicity in work;
  • performs other tasks in accordance with this and other laws.

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