О Министарству
11. октобра 2019.


Ana Radević, Secretary of the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance Secretariat is responsible for general affairs in the Ministry, including normative, research and analytical, organizational, administrative, operative, statistical and recording, financial and material, clerical and other activities related with:

  1. providing guidance, organizing and consolidating work of different departments;
  2. supervising and coordinating public administration reform;
  3. preparing work plan for the Ministry and participating in design of a work plan for the Government;
  4. preparing a report on the Ministry’s work and participating in design of a report on the Government’s work;
  5. preparing answers to MP questions for the Minister and Government, regarding matters that are under jurisdiction of the Ministry;
  6. preparing general documents that are not within scope of any department and particular documents within competence of the Secretariat.