Tax Administration

Dragana Markovic, Director

Republic of Serbia’s Tax Administration is a state administration unit that engages in determination, control and collection of public revenues.

The Tax Administration is responsible for:

  • registering taxpayers by allocating them a TIN and managing an integrated taxpayers’ register;
  • determining taxes in line with law;
  • performing tax control in line with law;
  • engaging in regular and enforced collection of taxes and fees;
  • detecting tax crime and their perpetrators and undertaking respective legal measures;
  • initiating and managing misdemeanor proceedings and related appeals procedures, and may decree fees and preventive measures for tax misdemeanors;
  • deciding on appeals contesting decisions issued in a tax procedure;
  • monitoring implementation of international treaties on avoidance of double taxation;
  • developing an integrated tax information system;
  • managing tax accounting;
  • planning and implementing training of its employees;
  • providing expert assistance to taxpayers in application of tax regulation, in line with the employee code of conduct in the Tax Administration;
  • securing transparency of its work;
  • engaging in other activities in line with law.

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