Today starts the bonds trading on Belgrade Stock Market

Today starts the trading of Serbian Government bonds on old foreig currency savings obligations, on the Belgrade Stock Market. During two 30 minutes auction sessions dayly, (schedulled for 9.30 and 12.30), as announced previously, it will be possible to trade bonds.

According to the data provided by the National Bank of Yugoslavia, Mr. Maladjan Dinkic, during the first week, 80 million Euros of currency savings bonds were converted into bonds (issued by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, on August 19th
2002.) – which represents the double compared to the whole past year. All citizens who obtain the Bonds, can trade them on the Stock Market, or wait for the term, which is, for the A series, each May 31st, by 2016.
– The foreign investors interest in these Bonds is very high, and I can expect the significant raise of their value in the neraest future. All account holders who do not wish to wait for the term date, can use their Bonds to buy stock of companies and banks under privatization process, to buy up yhe State owned property, to pay all health and mortuary expenses (granted only to the initial Bond holers), an for the bank deposits, explained Mr. Dinkic.