Today in the Serbian Parliament debate on the tax exemptions packet

Firstly postponed because of the discords on the session agenda, the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia should start this weeks session. Therefore, in the forthcoming days, the Representatives should adopt a tax exemptions package providing for the suspension of the taxes on sugar, cooking oil and grease, computers, weapons and space renting (for individuals).

Should we remind that it was also suggested to reduce the tax on corporate profit from the actual 20 to 14 percent rate, the tax on income for citizens from 25 to 10 percent rate, as well as to introduce tax exemptions for employers. The total expected effect of these exemptions should amount approximately 10 billion dinars.
I expect the whole package to be supported. During the past days we have been working hard with all the Representatives groups, and have examined and adopted a large number of amendments, declared the Finance Minister Bozidar Djelic for the Danas daily. Mr. Djelic also said that there would not be any major changes in the suggested tax rates, and that most of the amendments were related to the Law on Fiscal Proceedings and the fiscal administration.