Three million payment cards issued in Serbia

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic said today that three million payment cards have been issued in Serbia to date and announced that by the end of June it will be possible to make cashless payments in all businesses, since shop owners are required to introduce post terminals by that time.

Speaking at a meeting about payment cards held at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Dinkic said that citizens can use payment cards in 20,000 businesses and withdraw cash at 500 cash dispensers throughout the country.

The national Dina card is the most popular and so far it has been issued to 1.4 million users, the Minister said and pointed out that as of next year it will also be possible to use this card internationally.

Dinkic reminded shop owners that they are required to purchase post terminals for payment cards by the end of June. According to estimates, it is expected that 30 million transactions by payment cards will be made in the course of this year.