The Tax Administration starts with the VAT Educational campaign

The Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia will organize, on Thursday 25th September 2003, 01.00 PM, a seminar on the Value Added Tax (VAT) for journalists. The journalists will be informed on the introduction of new fiscal institutes, defined by the provisions of the Proposal of Law on the Value added tax (VAT), adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on 18th September. The new taxing shall be applied starting from 1st January 2004.

The seminar will also be treat the legal solutions relative to the taxpayers and the calculation of the tax base, the manners of the VAT apportionment and payment and the taxpayers tax return rights.

The Proposal of Law on the Value added tax (VAT) will be presented to the journalists by the – Ms. Slavica Stefanovic, Head of the VAT Introduction Project Team, and Deputy Director of the Tax Administration, Mr. Dejan Popovic – Project Team member and Professor at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, and Mr. Slavko Pavlovic – Head of the Educational Center at the Tax Administration.

The Tax Administration will start, by the beginning of October, a vast educational campaign on the VAT for the Tax and Customs Administration personnel. An educational campaign for the taxpayers has also been taken in consideration on the new taxation method, which will enter in effect, shall we remind, on 1st January 2004.