The second group of tax payers to introduce fiscal cash registers before May 31

The Ministry of Finance has prepared the draft of the new law on “fiscalisation”, which should enter the parliament procedure at the beginning of June.

“This law, following the example of the countries that have completed fiscalisation, exempts the taxi drivers, tourist agencies, lawyers offices, postal services, etc, from the obligation to introduce fiscal cash register”, said Vladimir Ilic, Director of the Tax Administration.

“For other tax payers belonging to the second group, whose deadline for the introduction of fiscal cash register – May 31 – is getting closer, there is no reason not to fulfill this obligation, since the process of introduction is very simple”, stressed Vladimir Ilic, the Tax Administration director, and added that “control of fiscal cash registers introduction will begin after June 5, just like for the first group.”

Ilic reiterated that the tax payers who do not fulfill their obligation can expect fines ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 Dinars, for legal entities and entrepreneurs, whereas for the responsible person of the legal entity the fine ranges from 2,000 to 10,000 Dinars. For not recording turnover through fiscal cash registers suspension of operating license is prescribed.

All information on fiscalisation, manufacturers and types of fiscal cash registers can be found at our web site or at all branch offices of the Tax Administration of Serbia.