The Ministry of Finance and Economy, along with the Customs Administration undertook measures relative to the proclamation of the state of emergency

After the assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Customs Administration have undertaken a series of necessary measures in order to adapt their functioning to the present situation – the declared state of emergency.

All the employed personnel have been asked to raise both the work discipline and service provided to the highest possible level, and 24-hour permanent shifts have been introduced.

All the customs control check-points have been ordered to increase the degree of control, of both the tourist and commercial traffic, in order to strenghten the search for weapons, explosives and other dangereous material. Alongside these measures, another series of organizational and other special measures and activities have been initiated – especially on the border customs control check-points – measures aimed at assuring the regular, adequate and efficient fnctioning of the customs control procedure – primarilly in the function of guaranteeing security.

Individual and commercial traffic is still at a usual level, at some points of control even lower than usual.

All the undertaken measures and activities will be carried out in close cooperation with the competent regional authority of the Armed Forces of Serbia and Montenegro, as well as with the members of the Serbian Ministry of Interior.