The Government has not and will not exceed subsidies envisaged by the budget

Serbian Minister of Finance said, in his appearance in the “Kaziprst” show at Radio B92, that the Government would not invest €30 million in the Bor mining complex, as the public had been informed. The money will be provided by the entrepreneurs interested in privatization of Bor mining complex. The Minister also stressed that the Government did not exceed the maneuver space left in the budget.

“Subsidies envisioned by the budget have not been exceeded by a single dinar, and in the next year we plan to reduce them”, Dinkic added.

Dinkic pointed out that it was high time to privatize enterprises, and end their funding by citizens through taxes. “Bor has its prospects, I believe it will find adequate strategic partners, but it has to accelerate the privatization process. Then, the future will be brighter for Bor, and not through the Government, but through a private owner”, the Minister stated.

He also said that a decision was maid to cut down the budget deficit substantially, in order to establish an enduring macroeconomic stability which is the key factor for economic growth. “There is an impression that the Government is generously giving the non-existent money to workers on strike, which is not correct. All public enterprises can expect increase of salaries by a maximum of 8.5%, and not a dinar more”, emphasized Dinkic.

The Finance Minister also announced the cooperation of “Mercedes” company with a Serbian company whose name he did not want to reveal, but also added that foreign companies were not interested in investing into companies on strike.

He stated that the Serbian Government’s priority was macroeconomic stability and reiterated that Dinar will remain stable.