Taxes are the first step. It all depends on you.

In April 2001, the Serbian parliament passed a package of tax legislation proposed by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, and in June 2002 a law on tax administration and a number of tax incentives for investment and creating new jobs will be presented.

The aim of these new tax policy measures is to simplify the previously complicated tax system. The new reform government of the Republic of Serbia inherited a ruined system of finance and public expenditure when it took office. Avoiding taxation and recourse to the grey and black economy had become the norm in people’s ways of thinking and behaving. The Serbian public has practically never been completely accustomed to paying taxes, and after 50 years of a state-run economy, the purpose and meaning of paying taxes has been completely lost and distorted.

Now, in the moment when the Serbian economy has begun to embark on reforms, it is especially important to form a clear picture of the purpose and significance of taxation. Public opinion research shows that Serbia’s citizens still do not have a clear understanding of why taxation is necessary. In response to this problem, the Ministry of Finance and Economy resolved to improve communication with citizens and take on activities aimed at informing the taxpayer on how their tax money is spent, with the goal of reducing tax evasion.

An intensive media campaign will last for six weeks, with the primary goals of:

– Raising citizen awareness of the necessity of paying taxes

– Explaining the direct benefits of tax payment both to taxpayers and the public at large

– Securing the trust of citizens in the measures being undertaken by the government and the Ministry of Finance and Economy, through continuous two-way communication

The media campaign is being launched primarily in the electronic media, as well as in the press and through outdoor advertising across Serbia. The creative format of the campaign is designed to attract the public’s attention and encourage reconsideration of current attitudes toward paying taxes.