Talks on former Yugoslavia assets frozen in US to be held in June

Serbian Minister of Finance and Economy Bozidar Djelic has announced that Serbian and Croatian experts should meet in June this year to discuss issues regarding former Yugoslavia’s successor states and the unblocking of assets belonging to its banks and companies frozen in American financial institutions.

Djelic, a member of the Serbian government’s delegation on a working visit to the United States, said that the American administration did not approve of the decision by Croatia’s officials to block the unfreezing of assets belonging to former Yugoslavia’s banks and companies frozen in American financial institutions.

He reiterated the Serbian government’s readiness to build friendly relations with its neighbours.

Djelic also confirmed that the delegation met with Croatia’s deputy prime minister, Slavko Linic, in Washington and agreed that a meeting should be organised in June to discuss unresolved issues between Serbia and Croatia.

American officials announced in February this year that $40 million of former Yugoslavia’s assets in three New York-based banks was re-blocked at the request of the Croatian Embassy to the US. Croatia demanded that the funds remain frozen until a succession agreement is reached.

According to the Beta news agency, the majority of assets are in accounts at JP Morgan Chase ($37.5m), while the rest are in the Bank of New York and the American Express Bank.