Support to the young talents

Today, at the Children’s Care Center, Mr. Bozidar Djelic, Serbian finance minister, handed a last generation laptop computer to Radmilo Dimitrijevic, the nine-year old chess player – winner of the 2003. European championship in the category up to 10 years of age.

This donation represents Mr. Bozidar Djelic’s personal gift, as a part of the Children’s Care Center action in supporting the most talented children in Serbia.

Mr. Djelic said that himself as a young boy, he was motivated to self-improvement because he awarded for his work and perseverance. In this sense, he is particularly happy to support – according
to his terms – a real genius, such as Radmilo Dimitrijevic, who meanwhile added the Belgrade Champion title to his awards collection.

At the press conference, Mr. Boris Stajkovac – the Center Director, informed the journalists on the actions carried out during the past year, and again emphasized that the wealthiest social layers are often the least generous ones, when speaking of support to the children of Serbia.