Support to the work of financial inspectors

A meeting marking the start of an educational campaign under the title „Taxes are the first step – It all depends on you“ was held today in the Serbian Parliament, with representatives of all organisational units of the Republic Administration for Public Revenue. The meeting was addressed by Minister of Finance and Economy Bozidar Djelic, Administration for Public Revenue Director Aleksandar Radovic and Special Advisor for Strategic Affairs Marija Drca-Ugren.

Djelic and Radovic drew special attention to the obligation of all tax administration personnel to carry out their duties with professionalism in spite of all the difficulties they encounter in their work, and emphasised that to this end they have the full support of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Administration for Public Revenue. It was further reported that following a review of a recent inspection in Vrsac, financial inspectors performed their duties with complete professionalism.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Adminsitration for Public Revenue plan to carry out educational activities across the country over the next three months. Djelic said that the goal of this initiative is „for Serbia’s citizens to be reconciled to taxes once and for all,“ adding that the programme is not just a campaign but in fact an integral part of the process of reforming the tax system and administration.