Structural economic reforms will mark 2005

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic expressed an expectation yesterday that 2005 will be marked by structural economic reforms.

Speaking in a programme on Studio B television, Dinkic said that this year must be a year of quicker restructuring of public and state-owned companies and quicker privatisation.

Minister Dinkic voiced hope that Serbia will receive a positive assessment of the feasibility study for the accession to the European Union by late March and added that in that case, Serbia could complete its three-year arrangement with the International Monetary Fund and receive a $700 million debt write-off.

He announced that he will push for more substantial financing of culture and sport, and pointed out that the Ministry will try to collect as much as possible from games of chance.

According to Dinkic, the funds collected from betting shops, slot bars and Loto will be used for social care, sport, local self-government and Red Cross activities.