Start of the Serbian Government issue of six-month term securities

After a successful auction of the Serbian Government issued three-month term securities, the Ministry if Finance and Economy of the Republic of Serbia plans to start the issuing of the six-months term Government securities.

The first auction of the six-months term securities will be held on November 4, 2003.
On the occasion of this auction, a total amount of 250 million dinars shall be offered for sale.
Another 250 million dinars amount shall be offered for sale on a second auction, scheduled for December 2nd 2003, but with a five-months maturity date.

Serbian Government issued six-month term securities
the Republic of Serbia

Volume of the emission: 500.000.000 dinars

Security type: Non-material
Security single value: 10.000 dinars
Minimal offer amount: 100.000 dinars

Issue date: 4. November 2003.
Maturity date: 4. May 2004.
Number of days until maturity date: 182
Sale procedure: Multi-priced auction
Clearing operations institution: the Central Registry, Depository and clearing of securities

In parallel to the auctions of the six-months term Government securities, the Republic of Serbia will continue with the issuing of the three-months term Government securities. The auctions of these securities will be held twice a month, according to the following schedule:

11.11.2003. – emission amount: 500.000.000 dinars,
5.11.2003. – emission amount: 500.000.000 dinars,
09.12.2003. – emission amount: 500.000.000 dinars,
23.12.2003. – emission amount: 500.000.000 dinars.