Stara Pazova, Pecinci to get funds from National Investment Plan

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic said today that around €95,000 will be set aside from the National Investment Plan for schools in Stara Pazova and the procurement of 227 computers, additional funds will also be allocated for renovation and equipping of school premises. During the talk with representatives of the Slovak minority in Stara Pazova, Dinkic announced a salary increase for teachers and recalled that the agreement on the matter will be signed with union representatives on October 23.

Speaking about projects to be financed from the National Investment Plan, Dinkic said he is displeased with the fact that projects worth only up to €50 million were submitted in the education sector, saying that as much as €400 million will be set aside for roads. He recalled that the state will construct flats for employees in health, education and public sectors that can be purchased under very favourable conditions. Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Goran Zivkov also attended the meeting, after which the ministers visited Dolinaj Zlatka farm in Stara Pazova.

Dinkic said that by year’s end, local self-governments must lease out state-owned arable land. If they fail to do so, the state will carry this out itself next year. He stressed that according to the Law on arable land, local self-governments are obliged to organise public biddings at which arable land will be offered.

Minister Zivkov pointed to the fact that in line with the new law, the state can also lease out privately-owned arable land if it is not cultivated. He pointed out that agricultural production on arable areas larger than 100 hectares is most profitable and noted that households in Vrbas currently hold first place with more than 19 hectares per field.

According to Zivkov, European standards need to be gradually introduced in agricultural production since Serbia being an EU candidate country can count on €65 million from EU’s agriculture funds. Zivkov added that once it joins the EU, Serbia will be able to get nearly €1 billion from EU agriculture funds. Dinkic and Zivkov visited Pecinci today, where they talked with municipal authorities.

Dinkic said that nearly €1.5 million from the National Investment Plan will be set aside for this municipality, or namely around €500,000 for water sewage system and some €430,000 for construction of local roads. The Minister of Finance recalled that in the past three years the state approved 104 million dinars in short-term loans and nearly 70 million dinars in long-term loans to this municipality as well as 9 million dinars in one-off grants.

Representatives of Pecinci asked for more funds for building the industrial zone and Dinkic recommended that they come up with projects proposals and apply for the funding from the National Investment Plan. Dinkic and Zivkov visited the industrial park zone as well as work on the sewage system.