Six million dinars in the Republic Budget, collected from cash bills non-issuing fines

The control of issuing cash bills in retail stores, pharmacies, gas stations and kiosks, throughout Serbia, carried out in the period January 24-31, established the same results as the previous control process, meaning that a quarter of the controlled stores fail to issue cash bills. Therefore, on the basis of the legal provisions on related fines in cases of failing to the obligation of issuing cash bills, the retail salesmen and catering services providers, paid 5,942,500 dinars to the Budget of the Republic, in the period January 13-31, 2003.

During this period, commercial inspectors carried out a total of 3,585 controls, i.e. 448 controls per day. Three charges were brought for economic violation, 152 infraction charges, 230 decisions on irregularities regulation were issued, 24 retail stores were closed, 1,479 mandatory fines were issued, and 1,720,500 dinars were collected.

According to the communiqué from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services, the Commercial Inspection will keep on controlling the possession of issued cash bills for purchased goods and provided services, while the citizens are getting more and more used to the new situation – even though some of them keep on being reluctant, but comply with the inspectors’ requests. All the 996 controlled citizens had their cash bills when asked by the inspectors to show them.

Since the start of the high involvement of the Commercial Inspection in the cash bills issuing control process, by the execution of 4.461 mandatory fines, 5,218,400 dinars were collected in the Budget of the Republic.

The Tourist Inspection agents, having controlled 774 catering and hotel services institutions across Serbia, executed payment of 187 mandatory fines – providing 193,200 dinars for the Budget, making it, in addition to the previous payments a total of 724,100 dinars.