Set of seven new financial laws

Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic has presented, today, a new set of financial bills. Deputy Finance Minister Vesna Arsic, Assistant Minister Goran Andjelic, and Advisor to the Minister Nikola Djivanovic also attended the presentation.

The new set of economic bills encompasses:

1.The Bill on the national housing loan insurance corporation, which encourages granting of loans.

2.Bill on the amendments to the Law on tax procedures and fiscal administration. The proposed amendments envisage 2 to 30 times larger fines for tax evaders.

3.Bill on insurance, which significantly increases the census for foundation and operations of insurance companies.

4.Bill on amendments to the Law on public procurements, whose goal is to give 20% price advantage to the local bidders over the foreign ones.

5.Bill on amendments to the Law on excise tax, which introduces excise tax on diesel fuels, and on the imported natural juices.

6.Bill on the amendments to the Law on the National Bank of Serbia. The Bill envisages that the National Bank executes supervision of operations of insurance companies.

7.Bill of the amendments to the Law on securities market and other financial instruments.