Serbian government will support economic development in Loznica municipality

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic said today that this year Loznica will be in the group of municipalities where economic development and the creation of new jobs will be supported by affordable loans within the framework of the programme of the Serbian government.

During his visit to the Loznica municipality Dinkic said that he has proposed to the Serbian Development Fund that Loznica becomes a part of the plan for municipalities according to which it can get loans for economic development under favourable conditions, with an annual interest rate of 0.5% as it was for Bor, Kragujevac and Vranje.

Dinkic visited the construction site of a new gymnasium in the elementary school „Petar Tasic“ in Lesnica, the construction of which the Serbian government has helped with 18.5 million dinars. He added that the rest of the funds needed for completion of works will be provided both by the local authorities and the government.

Dinkic said that in 2006, a sum of 350 million dinars from the budget has been set aside for construction of various sports facilities in Serbia.

The minister also visited a section of the local road, which has been reconstructed thanks to the Serbian government’s funds, as well as a section of the gas pipeline to supply Loznica and surrounding areas.