Serbian favorable assets for the foreign investors

On the occasion of the “Swedish-Serbian business days” seminar, taking place in Stockholm, the Minister of Finance and Economy of the Serbian Government, Mr. Bozidar Djelic said that Serbia has the lowest corporate profit tax rate in Europe, along with the strongest fiscal investment stimulations.

During the meeting that gathered a group of Serbian businessmen, representatives of the Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs from Serbia-Montenegro, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Regional Chamber of commerce of Pancevo, Mr. Djelic informed the Swedish partners with the concrete results of reforms carried out in Serbia, as well as with fiscal and other forms of investment stimulations.

Representatives from 25 Swedish companies who accepted the invitation by the Embassy of Serbia-Montenegro in Sweden to participate to the seminar, were surprised by Minister Djelic stating the information on the total amount of 1.4 billion dollars of foreign investments in Serbia in the current of 20003, which represents a record amount for the Balkans.

This seminar was organized in order to determine the greatest possible and the most balanced commercial exchange balance between Serbia-Montenegro and Sweden, because during the first semester of this year Serbia-Montenegro realized a total of 140 million euros in commercial exchange with Sweden – 127 million euros representing the total of the Swedish exportations, while the total of our exportations towards Sweden amounted less than 13 million euros. However, the seminar showed a recent and noticeable increase of Serbian exportations towards Sweden.

Minister Djelic met today with the Swedish Minister of Industry – Mr. Leif Pagrotsky, and the Minister for European economic matters and Deputy Finance Minister – Mr. Gunnar Lunde, and held talks on possible Swedish support to the Serbia-Montenegro striving to obtain the European Union commercial preferential regime, as well as on the participation of the Swedish Government to the donators conference, scheduled for 18 November 2003. in Brussels.

Mr. Djelic also visited the grave of the tragically died Swedish Foreign Minister, Ms. Anna Lind,
and laid a wreath of flowers on behalf of the Serbian Government.