Serbian delegation in London

On the occasion of the seminar “Improvement of the public life standards”, the Serbian delegation lead by the Ms. Aleksandra Drecun – secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, will be received by the representatives of the British Parliament. The seminar has been organized for Serbia and Albania by the British Association for Central and Eastern Europe, and is taking place in London from 21 to 28 June.

The main goal of this Association is to provide support for the development of democratic institutions and the civil society to the countries in the region, as well as to contribute to a better mutual understanding between people of Britain and people from central and eastern European countries.

The Serbian delegation is composed of Mr. Stjepan Gredelj PhD, sociologist and Mr. Miomir Brkic, journalist – members of the Anticorruption Council; Ms. Natalija Solic, attorney – from the Lawyers’ Committee for Human rights; the members of the Serbian Parliament – Mr. Dusan Ilic (Democratic party of Serbia), Mr. Borivoje Mijatovic and Ms. Lejla Ruzdic (Democratic Center), and Ms. Zlata Djordjevic, Beta News Agency journalist.