Serbia to adopt laws regulating work of organs inherited from state union

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic said today that adoption of the Decision on transferring jurisdictions from Serbia-Montenegro to Serbia is one of the first moves that are being made so that Serbia could fully take over all its jurisdictions.

Addressing reporters in Serbian parliament, Dinkic reiterated that now it is necessary to substitute federal laws with the republic ones and pass legislation regulating the work of organs inherited from Serbia-Montenegro.

He said that today’s Decision places a number of institutions of the former state union into a vacuum, because it only mentions the ministries of defence and foreign affairs.

This means that as of tomorrow no other institution of the state union will receive funds, the minister explained, adding that funds have been transferred today to the army so as to avoid the army suffering a little break that will take place in the financing of inherited institutions.

He said that it is necessary that the Serbian government’s Secretariat for Legislation bring as soon as possible laws on Serbia’s taking over the Institute for Intellectual Property, the Institute for Measures and Precious Metals, the Air Service and some other crucial organs such as the Committee for Cooperation with the Hague Tribunal.

Dinkic added that the government will pay severance payments to employees of the state union institutions that will not be taken over by Serbia.

The Minister of Finance pointed out that the Property Directorate is the only institution authorised to deal with the army’s property. He said that the government will decide, at the army’s proposal, which property to sell and in which way, in order to secure additional funds for financing housing construction and improvement of the army’s financial situation.

He said that the plan of sale of army property will be drafted in the next several weeks and that the plan of financing will also be looked at, according to which Serbia should get a professional army by 2010.