Serbia-Montenegro becomes full GRECO member

Serbia-Montenegro became a full member of the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) at the group’s plenary meeting held in Strasbourg from July 7-11, in a move that will allow the state union to join a group of countries actively involved in the drawing up and implementation of international documents in the fight against corruption.

As a full member of GRECO, Serbia-Montenegro will be allowed to attend the group’s plenary sessions alongside 35 other nations and vote on GRECO’s decisions in the fight against corruption.

After Serbia-Montenegrin delegation head Aleksandra Drecun presented the state union’s achievements in fighting corruption at the plenary meeting, GRECO officials welcomed Serbia-Montenegro’s results in combating corruption and pledged support for future anti-corruption efforts.

GRECO, set up on May 1, 1999 as a regulator within the Council of Europe, aims to improve its members’ capacity to fight corruption by monitoring the compliance of member states with their undertakings in this field. The group also seeks to help identify the insufficiencies of national mechanisms against corruption, and to prompt the necessary legislative, institutional and practical reforms needed to prevent and combat corruption.