Serbia gets €100 mln from Hellenic Plan to complete Corridor 10

Serbian Minister of International Economic Relations Milan Parivodic and Greek Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Evripidis Stylianidis announced today in Athens that Greece has approved funds for continuation of the Hellenic Plan for the Reconstruction of the Balkans, with Serbia getting €100 million for completion of Corridor 10 from Leskovac to the Macedonian border.

The financial support will be set aside from the Hellenic Plan, based on an agreement signed between two countries in 2001.

Stylianidis told a press conference that following intensive contacts between two governments, Greece has approved continuation of the agreement from 2007 to 2011. He pointed out that Corridor 10 is the most important project and noted that Greece will set aside a total of €150 million for its completion, €100 million of which will be granted to Serbia.

Parivodic expressed satisfaction with this agreement and announced that works on Corridor 10 will start in the middle of 2007 and should be completed by 2010. He recalled that the section from Leskovac to the border with the Republic of Macedonia is of great importance for regional development of southern Serbia.