Sending of tax declarations to taxpayers

The Tax Administration decided to issue and send tax declaration payment orders to all taxpayers, in order to help them with the payment procedure concerning taxes on property for citizens, tax on revenue from agriculture and forestry, as well as the contributions for the obligatory agriculture social security funds.

According to the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the payment orders will be containing all the necessary data and specifications (the amount of the tax to pay, payable until February 15, 2003 inclusive, the public revenue account number, and the reference number), facilitating the regular payment procedure for all the citizens-taxpayers.

The taxpayers, who have already paid their fiscal obligations for the first trimester of this year, are cordially asked to check the proper recording of their payment on the adequate fiscal account. This can be done in all Tax Administration branch offices, in the place of their legal residence. In order to correct any kind of possible error, the citizens are also asked to provide a copy of the executed payment order.