Securing financial order

According to the Beta News Agency, the Minister of Finance and Economy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia – Mr. Bozidar Djelic, announced today that in the current of this year „financial order will be established in Serbia, through continuation of the enforcement of the Law on Extra-profit, the Law on the Fight against organized crime and the Law on Tax procedure and fiscal administration“. According to the Minister, collection of the extra-profit tax will continue, this time aimed at „all those who have taken large profit through quasi-institutional legal frameworks“, without any law violation. The Finance Minister also reminded that an amount of 62-65 million euros has already been collected through the enforcement of this particular law.

„The Law on the Fight against organized crime represents the second element for the introduction of the financial order – the Law that allows seizure of property of all those suspected for connections with organized crime groups“, declared Minister Djelic. According to him, this Law should be completed by the possibility of confiscation of property, if the Court determines connection with organized crime.

Mr. Djelic said that the third element related to the obligation of declaring any property exceeding the value of 20 million dinars – the obligation provided for by the Law on tax procedure and fiscal administration. „All those who do not declare their property, both on the State territory and abroad – as well as funds on foreign bank accounts, by July 1st 2003, will have to deal with the fiscal police and the fiscal administration“, declared Mr. Djelic, adding that this property will be seized and confiscated.