Rise in the exchange rate – result of international market trends

– During the past few days, Euro is strengthening not only in comparison with the dinar, but all other world currencies, especially the US Dollar, and this is the main reason for the actual modifications of the exchange rate – declared Mr. Bozidar Djelic, the Serbian Finance Minister, for the „Dnevnik“ daily.

Commenting on a recent declaration of Mr. Dinkic, Governor of the National Bank of Yugoslavia, concerning the situation on our foreign currency market in the current of last December, Mr. Djelic explained that the banks were, at the time, selling foreign currencies in order to assure their dinar liquidity – necessary for the takeover of the payment operations system.

Mr. Djelic also declared that there were no pressures exerted on the National Bank, as regards additional currency issuing, that the monetary policy is implemented according to plans, explaining again that the actual rise in the exchange rate is more a result of international trends, then the situation on the domestic market.