Reimbursment of the debt to the pension fund beneficiaries in december

According to the minister of finance and economy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Djelic, the average pension was raised from 2.300 dinars to 6.300 dinars. This year we will also pay all the twelve mensualities, said the minister, adding that a thorough reform of the Pension system in Serbia was necessary. Preparations for the introduction of a voluntary pensions fund should start immediately, because, he said, we cannot reserve the same destiny as the clients of former savings banks. Pension beneficiaries over 80 years of age, will see the totality of their debt paid by the end of december of the current year.

Unlike the other pensioners whose debt will be paid in bonds and government obligations, the oldest layer of them will be paid back in cash – declared yesterday Miroljub Labus, vice president of the Federal Government, after having met with the representatives of pensioners associations and organizations and other competent state officials. On the occasion of a debate on the reform of the pension sysytem in Serbia, Labus said that all other pensioners will be reimbursed the debt by installments in the form of government bonds, but had not precized the exact number of installments, which will be subject of further debates and discussions. According to Mr. Labus, the total debt amount is 17 billion dinars. 11 billion dinars represent the debt to the still living retired persons, while the rest of 6 billion dinars is to be reimbursed to the legal successors of the deceased persons. After the talks with the pensioners representatives, the serbian finance minister, Mr. Bozidar Djelic declared that the pensioners could use the bonds and government obligations for the payment of electricity, public utilities, tax payment, as well as for the connection to the remote heating system. The Minister for social affairs, Ms. Gordana Matkovic reassured repetedly that starting with the first july paycheck (on september 25th) all the pensioners will recieve the payment for the difference between pensions for the first semester and the amount of 900 dinars granted by the dispositions of the Federal Costitutional Court decision.