Regulation of property relations leads to efficient economy

Serbian Minister of International Economic Relations and coordinator of the Ministry of Finance Milan Parivodic said at the opening of the second annual real estate conference “Real Estate Market in Southeastern Europe – Comparative Advantages in the Region and Trends in the Future” that without a clear organisation of property relations and efficient implementation of proprietary rights, there is no efficient economy.

Parivodic stressed that these are crucial elements necessary for Serbia to become a successful European economy.

According to Parivodic, the new Constitution envisions the possibility of demonopolisation of city construction land, denationalisation and set modern proprietary relations. He also said that laws on denationalisation and planning and construction, proprietary law as well as law on public property should be adopted this year.

The Minister stressed that the denationalisation bill will be presented in public soon as this regulation is important for the European integration, adding that the passing of the new law on planning and construction would be necessary so as to shorten the process of providing the construction licence.