„Proud of Serbia „

Within the framework of the campaign “Proud of Serbia”, the minister of finance and economy, Mr. Bozidar Djelic visited the premises of the Maksi supermarket in the “Beogradjanka” commercial center, where he had discussions with the management concerning the conditions under new fiscal system. Mr. Djelic emphasized the fiscal packet of the Government is aimed to create in Serbia the most business stimulating fiscal system in the region, as well as to bring appropriate sanctions for those attempting tax evasion.

On the occasion of the meeting of the Coordination Committee for the prevention of illegal trafficking of excise goods and products, results of this institutional body were presented in the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Presented data showed that the field operations permitted the confiscation of 90.123 boxes of cigarettes, 266.572 liters of petrol and oil derivates, 26.370 kg of coffee and
65.850 of liquors and beverages, from a total of 1.093 individuals

”Starting from the next year, activities in the field of financial and commercial control, as well as labor control inspection will be strengthened, aimed to bring sanctions against anyone doing business illegally.”
Soon after this meeting, the Ministry of Finance and Economy resented the results of it’s activities, since January 21st 2001. A special report has been issued and presented to the public. Mr. Bozidar Djelic reminded that these results contributed to a settlement of the public finances system and a stabilization of the dinar currency rate, and the global situation within the country.
During the afternoon, the minister visited a private bakery in 10, Cara Dusana st, where he discussed with the owner on the conditions of private entrepreneurship.