Protocol signing ends the sugar beet producers protest

The Serbian Government delegation signed yesterday a Protocol with the representatives of the Zrenjanin Sugar refining factory on the reprogramming of the loan granted to the factory, as well as on the servicing of the factory’s debt towards farmers, transporters and seed stock providers, after which event, ended the several days protest of sugar beet producers from the regions of Banat and Srem.

The Vice-President of the Government, Mr. Miodrag Isakov, the Minister of Commerce and Trading, the Minister of Finance and Economy – Mr. Bozidar Djelic, the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Services – Mr. Tomica Milosavljevic, the Minister of Agriculture – Mr. Dragan Veselinov, and the Directror of the Republic Goods Stock Agency – Mr. Radovan Ristanovic, agreed together with the representatives of the Sugar Factory, sugar beet producers, transporters and seed stock providers, on the Agency reprogramming the loan – of 3.226.628 kilograms of sugar – granted to the Factory. On the basis of this agreement, the Sugar Factory will service all the past-years debts towards sugar beet producers, transporters and seed stock providers – in the amount of approximately 80 million dinars.

The future Special Administration board of the Zrenjanin Sugar Factory, will carry out a thorough analysis of all creditor-debtor relations of the Factory, and make all the necessary preparation aimed to the Factory privatization. The total debts contracted by the Sugar factory amount 500 million dinars.

The participants to the talks expressed their satisfaction with the Protocol, which was qualified as a beginning for the solutions to difficulties and omissions encountered within the country’s oldest Sugar refining factory – which will result, according to the Minister Djelic’s terms, in the adoption of a special Law on Sugar.