Protocol on increasing salaries to education workers

The Serbian Ministry of Finance and the Serbian Ministry of Education and Sport signed today a protocol with three representative education unions on increasing salaries to education workers by 30 percent in the next year.

Speaking at a press conference, held after today’s government session, Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic said that the government adopted a Bill on fiscal cash registers. This will legally regulate the field as the validity of the Law on sales tax was set to expire on January 1, 2005.

He said that the government accepted amendments to the Law on property tax, the Law on citizens’ income tax and the Law on excise tax, proposed by the Ministry of Finance.

The Minister of Finance said that the government approved the text of the agreement with the World Bank on a loan for structural adjustment of the Serbian economy, worth $45 million.

The government decided today to withdraw nine laws from the parliamentary procedure so that the laws that are necessary for obtaining this loan could be examined as soon as possible. The nine laws will be returned to parliamentary procedure in due course, Dinkic said.

Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government Zoran Loncar said that the government adopted the Bill on public administration today. The adoption of this law will mark the beginning of the reform of public administration.

Recalling that the government adopted the Strategy of Public Administration Reform last week, Loncar said that the bill defines measures of implementation of basic principles in the strategy, such as principles of depolitisation of power and professionalisation of the public administration.

Loncar explained that the law will allow for the public administration to be free from political interference, adding that the posts of minister and deputy minister will be the only two political posts.

The Minister went on to call for the adoption of a new law on civil servants, which he said would allow for salary system reform.

The Bill on state administration gives more powers to district presidents and stipulates the strengthening of administrative inspection service, said Loncar, adding that public administration reform also calls for passing laws on general administrative procedure and administrative disputes.