Progress in Belgrade Accord defininig

Today and yesterday, final talks were held in Belgrade within the framework of the Consultative workgroup for the association of FRY to the EU. Folowing theese talks, and upon their success, as well as depending on the positive confirmation by the EU faisability study pending for next fall, serious activities should be initiated, aimig to reach an agreement on stabilization and reaproachment with the EU.

A progress has been realized within the economic part of the Belgrade Accord implementation, so that a mechanism assuring the free flow of goods has been defined, according to the serbian minister of finance, Mr. Bozidar Djelic. The minister also added that, considering taht the same customs regulations should be established within the period of the following three years, the above mentioned mechanism – wich does not interfere with the respective states´ prerogatives – should facilitate the
overcoming of the system disfunctionning during the harmonization process, and that a special parity commission will be established for that peculiar purpose. Some issues remain still open, such as the currency and the separate banking systems, according to Mr. Djelic explanation, who also pointed out the agreement on defining a special Aciton plan for the negotiations with the EU.

Prcisely, according to Mr. Djelic, the issue of the action plan for the negotiations with the EU would be of essential importance for the coordination on the line Belgrade – Podgorica – Brussels, upon the the still present dilemma: a unified market of the new Montenegro-Serbia community versus the necessary long-term harmonization of the two economic systems founded on the Basic ground agreement as forseen by the Belgrade Accord.