Presentation of the national housing policy

In the Government of the Republic of Serbia, today was promoted the start of the realization of the project, aimed to allow citizens to resolve their housing needs through credits, and to serbian civil engineering to revive and animate the whole national economy – by the creation of new institutions, by providing for better crediting conditions for the engagement of the civil engineering industry and other related economy sectors.

The creation of the National Corportion for the housing credits insurance, will initiate the introduction of the hypotecary market. “This Corporation will be a hypotecary institution, a sort of insurance fund or housing cooperative, which will improve the credit market, by assuring the citizens’ housing credits granted by commercial banks – credits that will be more accessible and numerous, explained Mr. Bozidar Djelic.

“Considering the macroeconomical aspect of the subject, it is imporatnt to note the recent suspension of the commission fee by the Payment and Accountancy Institute for credits, and it is also planned to suspend the financial transactions tax payment in this kind of crediting business. Also, the inflation rate was reduced, the conurrency among banks is better, the macroeconomic stability has been reached, the business expenses were reduced, and with the raise of the standard, these credits will be the more and more present, and the market will develop”, said the Minister, Mr. Bozidar Djelic.

He announced, that, in cooperation with the American Government – investing 30 million dollars – a hypotecary bank will be created, aimed to the housing credits granting, which will resolve some 10.000 families hosing needs. “We are now developing the technical possibilities for this bank to start working after the first trimestre of the following year”, concluded Mr. Bozidar Djelic