Presentation of the Fiscal Administration Modernization Strategy

Mr. Bozidar Djelic, Minister of finance and economy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, declared yesterday that the modernization of the Serbian fiscal system should be based on the principle of the voluntary tax duties obligation settlement, as well as on a simple and efficient fiscal imposition system.

At the opening of the conference under the title “Serbian Fiscal system modernization strategies”, Mr. Djelic estimated that that the basic principles of this service functioning should be the compliance to the laws, efficiency and the de-politicization, emphasizing that the fiscal authority representatives should resist to political or any other kind of preassure, as well as the laws should be equal for everyone – providing thus a model to the other institutions of the system.

He repeated that starting from next July 1st, should be introduced the value added tax (VAT), adding that the Law on the Fiscal Administration – adopted a year ago, represents a solid foundation for the fiscal reforms implementation in Serbia.

Ms. Marija Drca-Ugren, Director of the Fiscal Administration, emphasized that the future of the Serbian fiscal system is based on the voluntary tax duties obligation settlement. According to her terms, the system itself should stimulate the voluntary tax payment, reason for it’s adaptation to the taxpayers importance.

According to Tanjug News Agency, domestic economy experts, as well as representatives of the NBS, international financial organizations and representatives of some foreign embassies accredited in Belgrade, also attained this conference on the modernization of the Serbian fiscal system.