Panel discussion on social and corporate responsibility issues

Yesterday took place the first of a series of panel discussions representing the introduction to the International Students’ Congress, that will be organized in Belgrade and on Kopaonik by the beginning of September.

The General patrons of the Congress are the Government of the republic of Serbia, The Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Ministry for international economic relations.

Before an audience of 50 Serbian and foreign students gathered at the “Jelica Jovanovic” library, the discussion was centered on the following theme: “Further economic development perspectives in Serbia, and the possibilities of implementing of the social and corporate responsibility concept”.

The assistant to the Minister of finance and economy, Mr. Janku Guzijan, presented the results and the achievements of the Serbian reforms, while Mr. Branko Stipanovic, adviser within the Ministry of finance and economy, exposed his opinion on the issue, from the perspective of our region. Among the participants to the debate, there were also Mr. Branko Crnobrnja, special adviser within the Ministry for international economic relations, and Mr. Nikolas Herkules, adviser to the UN Director for Serbia and Montenegro.

The complexity of the discussed issues did not discourage the students, who were mostly interested in the ways of helping the strengthening of the local authority bodies in order to achieve a uniform development conditions, but aslo in the way of the major participants’ perception of the social and corporate responsibility in Serbia, as well as in the ways the big corporations should participate to the improvement of the national economy.

The meeting ended in words of encouragement to the student to persevere in their education, to take advantage of the developed countries knowledge and realized achievements, as well as not to be afraid to contact peoplle from the business sector, because they are the ones who bring new ideas and new energy.