Organization of the “Meeting between the Diaspora and the homeland”

The Minister of Finance and Economy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Djelic declared that a Law on the Denationalization should be adopted by the end of the current year. – After the voting of the Law, the Diaspora representatives will have a one-year dead-line to register the property they lay claim onto, precised Mr. Djelic, on the occasion of his participation to the “Meeting between the Diaspora and the homeland” organized by the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce in the Yugoslav Army Hall.

According to Mr. Djelic’s terms, a law on the servicing of the debt on the Loan for the economic rebirth of Serbia should also be voted by the end of the summer – providing for the reimbursement of the first installment of the debt in the current of this year, and the rest, during a four-years period.

If they decide to make investments in Serbia, the
Serbian Government will inform the Diaspora representatives with a whole program – guaranteeing the lowest tax rates in Europe, crediting opportunities for every new employee, and other benefits, emphasized Mr. Djelic.

On the occasion of the same meeting, the Finance Minister also announced the eradication of the economic crime, upon the termination of the “Sword” operation.

“I consider it as a kind of a fiscal scalpel – meaning a precise instrument which will separate the rot of the tax evasion from the large healthy tissue of our country which has to be stimulated and which should do business”, said Mr. Djelic.