Opening of the Educational Center for the Fiscal Administration personnel

Thanks to the support of the European Union to the reform process in Serbia, Educational Center for the Fiscal Administration personnel shall be opened in Novi Sad today.

Ms. Milica Bisic – Deputy Minister of finance and economy, Ms. Marija Drca-Ugren – Head of the Fiscal Administration, and the representatives from the European Union, the diplomatic corps, as well as the authorities from the Province of Vojvodina, shall be present at the opening ceremony. This will be the first in a row of such educational centers, that will soon be opened throughout Serbia. It represents the result of the financing agreement, signed last year between the Fiscal Administration representatives and the European Agency for Reconstruction.

The main purpose of the funds provided by the agreement, amounting 1.4 million Euros, is the development of the educational capacities of the Fiscal Administration in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Nis and Novi Sad. This project will assure the opening of the documentation and education centers, as well as the procurement of the necessary equipment for the training of the Fiscal Administration personnel. The knowledge and capabilities improvement of the Fiscal Administration employees will directly contribute to a better tax collection efficiency and assure the equal legal fiscal treatment and a fiscal justice for everyone.

The main education and documentation center shall be opened in April 2004, in Belgrade (Kralja Milana 5). The center will provide both the employees and the large public, an access to a professional library (with domestic and foreign documentation in the matters of taxes, finance and economy), and a conference room with more than 140 seats.

This project is directly supported by the French Government and the Bureau for the cooperation of the French Finance Ministry – that assured the project management and a part of the technical support.