Nordic countries show interest to invest in Serbia

Serbian Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic announced tonight that a memorandum of understanding would be signed next month with the Nordic Investment Bank.

“For the first time Nordic countries are showing a stronger interest to invest in Serbia, and we expect to sign a memorandum on understanding, which would ensure such investments”, specified Mr. Dinkic in a telephone statement to Beta news agency.

Minister Dinkic stressed at the EBRD’ Board of Governors session, today, the priorities of the new Serbian Government such as attracting fresh investments, improving exports and simplifying bureaucratic procedures, in order to remove obstacles to the inflow of foreign capital.

Serbian Minister of Finance, who is also Serbia and Montenegro’s Governor in the EBRD, told Beta News Agency, he had invited participants of the London meeting to attend the EBRD’s next annual meeting, which is due to be held in Belgrade on May 22 and 23, next year.

“This meeting is a great opportunity for Serbia and Belgrade. The preparations for this event must start immediately”, said Dinkic, adding that we cannot let such a chance slip by, since
“everybody who means something in the world of finance will attend the meeting.”

Dinkic said he would fly from London to Washington for talks with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank between April 23 and 26.