Next year’s increase of French investments in Serbia-Montenegro

The Minister of finance and economy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Djlic announced today that in the current of the following months, French investments in Serbia-Montenegro shall continue to raise.

In his statement given to the Beta Press Agency, Mr. Djelic – who is actually attending a conference on the issue of the reforms process results in Serbia-Montenegro, where our country’s economic potentials have been presented to a group of 70 French corporations – said that he’s been expecting a few dozen million euros of direct investments from France to Serbia in the current of the following year.

According to his terms, during the meeting, French businessmen presented information on finalization of investments into the Serbian dairy products industry, as well as their positions on the issue of investing into the metal and rubber industry and other chemical material production processes.

He estimated that French investors were satisfied after the first realized business projects considered as very important by the French party, as it was the case with the agreement with “Lafarge” in Beocin, and several agreements contracted with „Sintelon“ from Backa Palanka.

The Minister said that our delegation in Paris shall also discuss the matters of privatization of four Serbian banks, as well as that the Governor of the NBS, Ms. Kori Udovicki, shall meet her colleague, Mr. Christian Noyer, the Governor of the French Central Bank.

Besides Minister Djelic and Governor Udovicki, the Serbian Government minister of international economic relations – Mr. Goran Pitic, and the Minister of international economic relations of Serbia-Montenegro – Mr. Branko Lukovac, are also taking part to the delegation, whose visit to France has been organized by the French International Trade Chamber in cooperation with the Center for the development of trade relations.