New treasury bonds to be issued

Serbian Minister of Finance and Economy Bozidar Djelic told the press today that the emission of new bonds of the Republic of Serbia’s treasury will start on April 15, marking a new beginning for public finances, directed toward financing the budget deficit, development of the financial market and creating investment possibilities.

„We are opening a new era of public finances and the development of the financial market in Serbia, and the issuing of bonds will partly be in dinars and partly in euros,“ said Djelic, stressing that the emission of bonds creates new investment opportunities in Serbia, particularly for banks, financial institutions, and citizens through authorised brokers.

The investment floor for citizens is 10,000 dinars ($174), and 10 million dinars ($173,600) for professional financial institutions. The first emission of bonds will be worth 500 million dinars ($868,000), with maturity starting after 91 days, said Djelic.