New four-seat ski lift Pancicev Vrh opened on Kopaonik

Serbian Minister of Capital Investment Velimir Ilic, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Services Bojan Dimitrijevic and Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic opened today on Mount Kopaonik a new four-seat ski lift Pancicev Vrh, in which the Serbian government invested €1.9 million, and the ICG Genex company almost €1.3 million.

The capacity of this modern ski lift, which has been built by the Austrian company Doppelmeier in cooperation with domestic partners, is 2,400 skiers per hour and it will reach the Pancicev Vrh peak in five minutes.

After putting the ski lift into operation, Ilic said that the profits obtained from this investment will be used for making similar ski lifts on Stara Planina Mount.

Dimitrijevic confirmed that a ski centre will be opened on Stara Planina in next two years, adding that the privatisation of Genex’s hotels on Kopaonik will begin soon and it will be the pillar of the development of Serbian tourism.

He recalled that last year, Serbia’s income from tourism totalled $305 million and said he expects the figure to reach $500 million this year.

Dinkic pointed out that together with Doppelmeier, Serbia will make an evaluation of modernisation costs of Stara Planina in March, adding that apart form Kopaonik, Stara Planina is the only commercial ski ground in Serbia.

Dinkic announced that the Serbian government will soon form a public company that will be in charge of conducting such projects.