Necessary arrangement of the situation within the financial sector

The Minister of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Djelic commended yesterday the process of regulation of the situation within the Serbian judiciary, and announced that „rotten apples“ would energetically be eliminated from the financial sector as well.

„The emphasis should now be placed on the clarification of the financial segment, which permitted the financing of all the illegal activities. Here and there, some curious things have been noticed within the banking and insurance companies domain, since October 5th 2000“, said Mr. Djelic to the Beta News Agency. He also declared that the Public Prosecution Office should be subject to much deeper changes, and that this should not be simply finished with the arrest of the Deputy Public Prosecutor Milan Sarajlic.

According to the Minister, it is a disaster to see that an accomplice of the „Zemun clan“ was placed in the very head structure of the State Prosecution. This case, added the Minister, should initiate a deep reform of the Prosecution and necessary personnel changes, in order to provide this Institution with much more solid foundations.

Mr. Djelic also reminded that the arrested Deputy Public Prosecutor Milan Sarajlic even attacked the Finance Ministry officials, accusing them of obstructing the investigation on budgetary funds abuse by some members of the former regime. „The Prosecutions Office should now bring answers on non-proceedings in some hundred cases of charges brought by the budgetary inspection for budgetary abuse, as well as on secret bank accounts of the former regime dignitaries, discovered recently in Switzerland“, declared the Finance Minister.

According to Mr. Djelic’s terms, the District Prosecution has even sent a note to the Swiss Embassy in Belgrade (a letter in German language), asking for the suspension of further proceedings against one of the individuals whose bank account was discovered in Switzerland. „Since then, nobody explained why such a thing happened, and I expect explanations from the ones responsible for that“, added Mr. Djelic.