More than 95 percent of legal persons already opened their bank accounts

Ms. Vesna Arsic, Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Yugoslavia, declared for the Tanjug agency, that passing towards the new payment operations system, our banks have passed the exam of knowledge, of skills, of capabilities and adaptation. As emphasized by Ms. Arsic, more than 146.000 legal persons already opened their new bank accounts for the purpose of the new payment operations system through commercial agent banks, while only three to five percent among them haven’t done it yet.

According to the study conducted by the National Bank of Yugoslavia within the commercial agent banks, only three to five percent of their clients were unable to perform their payment operations – meaning those legal persons whose deposits couldn’t have been transferred to their newly opened bank accounts; this means that we achieved a success no other country in the Region did. Crowds on some banks vaults, especially in the Serbian province, were caused mainly by a late delivery of “The Official Gazette” with all the necessary regulations relative to the procedures and deadlines for tax paying, and also, but in a much lesser manner, by the inadequate organization in the banks themselves, said Ms. Arsic.

The greatest bank accounts holders were at the offices of the “Komercijana banka” – especially in Belgrade, where Mr. Djelic – the Serbian finance minister personally intervened, and offered the help from the Republic Tax Administration personnel.

Mr. Djelic expressed his satisfaction with the starting of the payment operations system within commercial agent banks.
– We’ll see, but this seems to be working, declared Mr. Djelic, and added that the collection of all public revenues is functioning quite smoothly, and that all competent people involved will do their best to avoid some bad experiences from surrounding countries – i.e. Bosnia and Herzegovina.