More money for pensions and social allowances with the rebalancing of this year’s budget

Mr. Bozidar Djelic, Minister of Finance and Economy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, announced today that the rebalancing of the budget, already forwarded to the Parliamentary debate, would raise allowances for pensions, railways, foreign currency savings deposits, transition costs and other social allowances by approximately 8 billion dinars. This redistribution of funds will benefit firstly to the pensioners – with four billion dinars allocated, while another 1,5 billion will be allocated to the Public Railways (ZTP) and the foreign currency deposits.

– Out of the 500 million dinars allocated for social allowances 400 million will be allocated for a single financial aid to the families of missing persons from Kosovo and Metohija, which means that each of these families will receive 15 thousand dinars, declared Minister Djelic.

Mr. Djelic also added that for the parliamentary session of December 10, besides the budget rebalancing, also the annual balance sheet for the year 2000 with the budget inspection report for the period 1996-1999 and for 2000 separately, as well as the Law on Participation of cities and municipalities in the sales tax and revenue tax redistribution, and the amendments to the Law on Budgetary System would be submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia.

The Finance Minister estimated that the amendments to the Law on Budgetary System would enhance further institutional reform of public finances.

– These changes will provide for the creation of a Public Payment Administration, which will reintegrate 800 employees of the former Payment and Settlement Bureau, adding that this new Administration will be in charge of maintenance and filing of the public finances.